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Visconti has re-imagined the colors, textures, and emotions of Vincent Van Gogh's most famous paintings to create this successful pen collection. Each year, Visconti adds a new model to this iconic tribute to the impressionist art movement. 


Made from natural resin uniquely mixed to represent palettes of oil paint, the Van Gogh collection utilizes Visconti's eighteen-faceted design to enhance the vivid colors. The Van Gogh collection may be personalized using Visconti's "My Pen System" and features the brand's iconic magnetic closure system and Ponte Vecchio-inspired clip.


This Wheatfield Under Thunderclouds captures the swirling blues and greens of its eponymous painting which was completed in the last weeks of Van Gogh's life.


The pen arrives in the standard Van Gogh box with bookmarks featuring the famous art that inspired it.

Visconti Wheatfield Under Thunder Clouds Van Gogh Ballpoint

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