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With a design inspired by futuristic ideals and a need for speed, we are excited to introduce the newest edition to Visconti's Torpedo collection: the Cobalt. Now available in cobalt blue Carbon-graphite with two new trim colors, ruthenium and rose gold.

The Torpedo collection is set to launch late October 2019 and is now available for pre-order.


Influenced by the Streamline Modern style of the 1930s, the "Bolidismo" design trend was introduced by a group of young graduates from the faculty of Architecture of the University of Florence in the mid-1980s. The movement's design elements are seen in architecture that is strongly influenced by the world of car design, including the Torpedo model that was popular in the 1930s. The Torpedo's name alludes to both the model of car and the English term for torpedo, an illustration of a shape designed for movement and speed.


For their latest reincarnation Visconti sourced 'cobalt blue' unidirectional carbon graphite, a material commonly used in the automotive sector, and added trims in rose gold or ruthenium plating.


The Torpedo is designed in an ogival shape with a round and tapered end. The writing instrument is powerful and aerodynamic, combining two stylistic components of Visconti's high end pens: a demonstrator within a skeleton body. The demonstrator design allows the user to see the internal filling system and ink through the transparent openings, located between the metal covers and the skeleton body. The skeleton body features a transparent acrylic resin designed to align with the carbon graphite, contributing to the fluidity of the design and alluding to elements of movement and energy.


The Torpedo collection is limited to just 288 pieces worldwide and available in a fountain pen and rollerball. The fountain pen features Visconti's famous double reservoir filling system and Visconti's 18kt gold nib plated in ruthenium or rose gold.


Visconti Torpedo Cobalt Limited Edition Fountain Pen

$2,295.00 Regular Price
$1,950.75Sale Price
  • This is the Ruthenium (silver toned) trim.     The Rose Gold version is also here on our website.

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