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To all of our wonderful Origami Ink customers,  

We are now open from 11 to 5 pm Mondays thru Saturdays.   We are asking everyone to please wear a mask, and practice safe distancing so that we can insure a safe environment for our customers.  In return, we have safeguarded everything for you with plexiglass barriers at key places, two professional level Austin air filters, and carbon filters in the main HVAC system.  We want you to be safe! 


We so very much appreciate all these years of kind support from you!  Truly, we have blessed to have you all in our lives.  Since the opening of our store 21 years ago we have focused all our time and energy on providing a physical shop.  A place to convene for all of you pen and paper lovers!  A place where you could see and try first hand the fine pens, inks, papers and unusual desktop art pieces.  A place where we could share our decades of industry knowledge and experience, assist with purchasing decisions, and (most importantly) get to know all of  you!  We admit - this is what has brought us the most happiness, and it is also what fuels our hope that our new retail website will help facilitate getting us through this tough time for brick and mortar stores resulting from the pandemic.

More importantly, this website now has a large amount of our store items on it, and more are being added every day!  We are always ready to take your calls (or emails) with any orders of things you're not finding up yet here, or for special requests.  Of course, our brick and mortar store is totally stocked and ready for your visit right now.


So get a gift Card and come on in!!

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limited editions

& other cool things

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