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Last one of this color!  Moving it out to make room for new inventory!  


The popular Rembrandt series inspired by the great artist’s chiaroscuro painting technique. Visconti reinterpreted the artist’s chiaroscuro technique with select resin shades that make each pen unique while preserving their classic style, like a real masterpiece by Rembrandt himself. On close inspection, the seemingly solid vegetal resin finishes reveal chiaroscuro nuances, giving the illusion that each one is painted by hand. The Visconti Rembrandt has a rounded cap and barrel that snap together with a magnetic click. The central band is engraved with motifs used by the artist. All Rembrandt finishes are offered in a fountain pen with steel nib, twist ball pen or a capped rollerball. This collection is designed for writers looking for a timeless, everyday writing instrument and aspiring to the unchanging values of art and history.

Visconti Rembrandt Azure Ballpoint

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