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The Homo Sapiens 'Skylight', the latest addition to Visconti's iconic Homo Sapiens series, is truly an engineering marvel, showcasing all the unique benefits of the original award-winning Homo Sapiens with the addition of the new extraordinary 'Skylight' windows. These two transparent windows transform the Homo Sapiens into a unique demonstrator, where the user can seeing the remaining ink level and Visconti's patented 'double reservoir' vacuum filling system.


Like the original Homo Sapiens Bronze Age, the Skylight is made from volcanic lava rock making it virtually unbreakable, heat resistant to over 100° C, Slightly hygroscopic (absorbing moisture during use), and dense to the touch making it comfortable to grip and relaxing to write with. All trims are made from natural solid bronze, and the cap closes with Visconti's patented 'hook safe lock'.


The Visconti design and engineering teams have worked hard to add innovative new features to the Skylight. Two 'Skylight' viewing windows give the user a view of the ink flowing within the pen. A large window cut into the barrel and trimmed in natural bronze, offers a view of ink in the larger ink reservoir, and a smaller ink window that replaces the traditional "Homo Sapiens" metal band behind the grip offers a view of ink in the second, smaller ink reservoir. These two ink reservoirs make up Visconti's patented double reservoir power filler. Patented in 1998, the double reservoir power filler allows the user to fill a fountain pen with the equivalent of up to 10 cartridges of ink and, utilizing a cutoff valve between the two reservoirs, prevents ink from leaking during air travel.


The Homo Sapiens Skylight sports your choice of an 18K gold (Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, and 1.3mm Stub) or 23K Palladium (Broad) nib and arrives in the standard Homo Sapiens display box.

Visconti Homo Sapiens Skylight Fountain

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