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Visconti’s latest addition collection crafted from volcanic lava rock

The highly anticipated Homo Sapiens Lava Color collection is Visconti reimagining their flagship pen line with color and a more modern image. Like its predecessor, the Lava Color is made from Visconti’s well-known and much treasure, lava rock, making this pen virtually indestructible and very comfortable to write with. The Lava Color collection is the perfect union of catalyzed Mount Etna basaltic lava and colored resin using Visconti’s patented methods. This natural combination creates a rugged stone-like feel and texture with rustic natural colors. Available in Blizard, Inferno and Sandstorm.


Please Choose either Sandstorm, Blizzard White or Inferno.

Visconti Homo Sapiens Color Lava Ballpoint

$475.00 Regular Price
$403.75Sale Price
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