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The Demonstrator Limited Edition Collection was inaugurated in 2013 with the very rare Blue Swirl going through the Florentine hills dedicated to the colors of Tuscany, the London fog with its unique greyish colors highlighted from blue swirls of celluloid, the Chiantishire dedicated to the very famous hills where the famous wine is cultivated and produced. Bronze swirl is our last creation.

Based on the iconic Visconti shape of the Homo Sapiens, the cap is made out from a solid block of specific resin made to fit the high-quality standards of Visconti both in strength and color. The contrast between the brownish and the ivory color recalling real ivory, mixed with the bronze swirls drawn in the transparent resin deliver elegance and beauty. The core of this collection is the body. Visconti uses a special material: basically, a mixture of celluloid and polycarbonate mixed in a secret formula. The pen is provided with the Visconti double reservoir filling system.

Visconti Homo Sapiens Bronze Swirl Fountain

$1,150.00 Regular Price
$1,035.00Sale Price
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