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Introducing the latest limited edition (1225 pieces) – the Retro 51 Holiday Stamp ~ Retro 51 is proud to partner with the United States Postal Service on a collection of licensed writing instruments! The Holiday stamp is the first design to start this new licensed collection.


Celebrate the holidays with this festive new Tornado. Inspired by folk art but with a modern graphic vibe, these charming rollerball pens will add a touch of whimsy to your holiday mailings.

This Retro51 Tornado rollerball pen features the 2020 USPS Holiday Stamp art silkscreened on the stainless-steel barrel and finished with a gloss varnish complimented by the polished chrome trim. Each Tornado’s top ring features an engraved USPS logo plus the pens’ limited-edition number engraved of 1225 pieces. Finally, each pen is topped with a graphic finial with one more snowflake looking up at you when it’s stored upright in your pocket or purse. The Retro51 licensed pen comes within a commemorative USPS packaging tube that not only stores your Retro, but also can be used as a pen stand on your desk when not in use. Pick up this festive rollerball just in time to write your holiday letters or gift to friends and family!


  • Printed on Stainless Barrel
  • Snowflake Top Disc
  • Limited edition of 1225 rollerballs
  • Polished Chrome Trim
  • Comes with rollerball refill
  • USPS Retro51 Packaging Tube



Retro 51 USPS Holiday Stamp Limited Edition

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