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Sudoku Pencil 2022

The Sudoku pencil is back and cooler than ever with Stealth Black trim and eraser. Two game boards are printed on the stainless-steel barrel and protected with a gloss finish. The thick 1.15 mm lead (HB softness) is perfect for filling in puzzles and it has a huge eraser, even though you won’t need it.  Extra lead and erasers are packaged within the tube so you're set for hours of brain training. Grab the Sudoku 2022 and puzzles beware!


  • Print on Stainless barrel
  • 1.15 mm Lead & Black Eraser
  • Stealth Black Accents
  • Includes Extra lead and erasers in tube
  • Matching Gift Tube Packaging

Retro 51 Sudoku Mechanical Pencil 2022

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