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The Retro Tornado Dmitri 1.15 MM Pencil features a Twist-top and 1.15 mm lead, with huge eraser.  Dmitri is perfect for scientific minds, printed in bright colors with the Periodic Table of the Elements and topped with a large pink eraser. Its named after Dmitri Mendeleev, the Russian chemist who is considered the “Father of the Periodic Table”, but you probably already knew that. The Dmitri pencil comes in custom tube packaging with extra lead and erasers. Also available in a rollerball/ballpen.


  • Length: 5.125 in / 130 mm
  • Diameter: 0.45 in / 11 mm
  • Weight: 1.2 oz / 34 g
  • Refill: 1.15

Retro 1951 Dmitri Pencil Periodic Table

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