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This limited edition package set includes a Platinum Curidas fountain pen in new Matte Black with a steel nib, a 20ml bottle of ink, an ink cartridge, and a converter.


The Platinum Curidas retractable fountain pen has all the convenience of a click rollerball but with the smooth writing experience of a fountain pen. Instead of a traditional cap, the Curidas uses an internal seal to protect the steel nib and keep the ink from evaporating when retracted into the pen.


Curidas is a coined term created by combining the Japanese word Kuridasu referring to extending the pen tip and the word Curiosity. This new fountain pen was brought to life to fulfill people’s curiosity.

It accepts proprietary Platinum ink cartridges (one cartridge is included) or a Platinum converter (also included) to fill with bottled ink.

Platinum Curidas Gift Set in Matte Black

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