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The Pineider Psycho fountain pen is an exciting and creative design experience focused on highlighting materials and concepts often used in jewelry design. As such, this handmade Limited Edition cartridge converter fountain pen features semi-precious metals, high-thickness plating, lost wax castings, and a 14kt gold fountain pen nib.

Each Pineider Psycho fountain pen features one of Pineider's signature 14kt soft gold "Hyperflex" Quill nibs and twist magnetic lock capping method. The distinctive cap design uses magnets to snap the cap into a secure, closed position (keeping the fountain pen's nib primed for the next writing session).

The unique and highly detailed design featured in the Pineider Psycho fountain pen is created using the new, ultra-high pressure casting technique called nano fusion. The semi-transparent interwoven connections generate a beautifully finished design many would consider an example of modern art. The ingenious design is available in three variations:

The Pineider Psycho fountain pen is limited to only 88 pieces worldwide. Each Pineider Psycho fountain pen comes in luxury packaging and includes 2 bottles of ink, a Pineider Snorkel Filler, a Pineider Pen Filler, and Pineider stationery.

Pineider fountain pen nibs are Bock nibs made in Germany.

Pineider Psycho Black w/Rosegold Fountain Pen w/14kt Stub Nib

$2,695.00 Regular Price
$2,156.00Sale Price
Nib Size (line width): Stub
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