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Pineider is pleased to present its latest addition to the Limited Edition jewelry collection. The jewelry collection deviates from standard Pineider production in that it is created and designed with methods and techniques strongly inspired by jewelry-making and customized to the world of writing. Each pen is crafted from solid 925 sterling silver and then plated with one of three different precious metals: Black ruthenium, Silver palladium or Yellow gold. All functional parts of the pen and techniques are produced in the most appropriate metals for each component: marine steel for the clip, brass for the grip section and blind cap. The innovative cap, mid-ring and barrel consist of a set of facets that seemingly roll into themselves. Processed in a 3D environment of augmented reality, the facets start from the head and reach the back, creating an effect of endless rewinding. The cause and effect design results in an elegant pen that alternates satin and glossy surfaces in an endless succession of symmetry. Each writing instrument comes in a luxury box made of wood and leather made in Florence and includes a set of inks and filigree letter paper.

Filling System: Internal Piston

Nib: 14kt Gold


Choose from Black, Yellow Gold OR Palladium

Pineider Matrix Limited Edition 14kt Fountain Pens

$2,598.00 Regular Price
$2,078.40Sale Price
Nib Size (line width)
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