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Made by hand in Japan out of acrylic resin, this beautiful pen evokes the nostalgic appeal of classic hand-turned pens from the early 20th century. Each pen body is individually created in a method passed down from "the Father of Pens," Kiyoshi Kato. The patterned acrylic body has a beautiful sheen and weight that is comfortable in the hand, with elegant gold-colored accents and a smooth steel nib.



  • Gold-plated steel nib.
  • Screw-on cap.
  • Converter for using bottled ink included inside the pen body.
  • Two black ink cartridges.
  • Gift box noting that this pen is handcrafted in Japan.


Please Choose from:

Origami (multi color flecked)

Light Blue Flecked

Dark Blue Flecked

Black Flecked

Onishi Seisakusho Acetate Fountain (Fine Nib)

$199.00 Regular Price
$179.10Sale Price
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