Montegrappa’s minimalist 1920s reissue—the Elmo —is one of the most exciting entry-level pens released in recent years. The translucent resins created for the Elmo Ambiente provide a window onto the mechanics of writing – and a vision of alternative production. Its recycled finish is disarmingly honest – offering a new intimacy, and a reminder that everything we touch is part of a larger narrative. Our collaboration with artisanal studio, Smile Plastics, revisits a 1920s classic – and rethinks it for the 2020s.


Symmetrical proportions, nostalgic no-nonsense looks, and a robust build have established the Elmo as a taste of sleek vintage minimalism to catch the attention of the design-minded. Since its release in February 2019, the Elmo has quickly ranked among Montegrappa's most popular starter pens, making fans of those who love well-crafted, premium stationery, with a true vintage pedigree.


The Elmo arrives in Montegrappa's handsome gift box.

Montegrappa Elmo 2 Sorapis Rollerball Pen

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