The harmony of Leonardo is the new collection that Marlen dedicates to the famous representation that Leonardo gave to the ideal proportions of the human body, widely known as the vitruvian man. Through this drawing in pen and ink, Leonardo demonstrates how the human body can be harmoniously placed in the two "perfect" figures of the circle representing the universe and of the square that represents the earth. The man comes into contact with the two figures in a totally proportional and these things represent the perfect nature of the creation of man in harmony with earth and universe. The barrel of the collection created by Marlen designers, is in turned casein, with details in turned Italian resin. The rings are in engraved copper. The cap is in Italian resin instead turned with silver clips and bronze and casein and copper rings. The special feature: on the barrel of the pen there is a reference to the original sketches of the work of the great genius with inscription from right of left, as was the custom of Leonardo.


This pen has a FINE nib, and comes in a beautiful wooden display box.

Marlen L'Armonia Di Leonardo Limited Edition Fountain Pen

$1,750.00 Regular Price
$1,382.50Sale Price
  • Limited Edition Fountain pens are NON-returnable. 

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