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Lamy rollerballs present a versatile option, seamlessly blending the best attributes of fountain pens and ballpoint pens. They offer the smooth operation of a ballpoint with the refined writing experience akin to fountain pens.


Fun and functional, the Lamy Safari Rollerball Pen in Pina Colada - Special Edition is crafted from durable and vibrant ABS plastic, providing a dependable tool for your writing endeavors. Its unique design showcases a refreshing turquoise body with sunny yellow accents, reminiscent of a tropical Pina Colada cocktail. The pen features a comfort-molded grip section for effortless writing and is adorned with a flexible brass wire clip, ensuring both practicality and style.

Lamy Safari Rollerball Pen in Pina Colada - Special Edition Specifications

  • Edition: Special Edition 2024 release
  • Pen Material: Injection-molded, sturdy ABS Plastic
  • Springy flexible wire lacquered chrome clip
  • Refill: LM63 Rollerball cartridge (Lamy Proprietary)
  • Pen Length - Capped: 5.5 in. / 139.5mm
  • Pen Length - Open, Cap Removed: 5.1 in. / 130mm
  • Pen Length - Open, Cap Posted: 6.65 in. / 166mm
  • Pen Body Diameter: 0.47 in. / 12mm 
  • Section Diameter: 0.4 in. / 10mm 
  • Pen Total Weight: 0.6 oz / 17g
  • Made in Germany.

Lamy Safari Pina Colada Rollerball Special Edition

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