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Special Edition Lamy Dialog CC All Black Capless Fountain is here!


Elegance meets innovation.

This pen continues the success story of it's big brother, the Lamy Dialog.  It is based on the same innovative technology and is at the same time shorter and more compact, making it a handy companion on the go.  The design has also been elegantly reduced:  instead of  a clip, the Lamy CC has a roll-stop that also serves as a visual marker.


From the first to the last step, the fountain pen is assembled by hand in the Lamy Craftsmen workshop in Heidelberg.  The 14kt gold nib elegantly slides out of the case by means of a unique turning mechanism.  When the mechanism is closed, a ball valve automatically slides out in front of the opening and protects the nib from drying out.  

Lamy Dialog CC All Black Retractable Fountain

$439.00 Regular Price
$351.20Sale Price
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