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Now in a larger bottle and offered at a new, lower price, Kaweco fountain pen ink is an industry-leading ink that offers fantastic value to anyone who writes, draws, or paints with ink. Kaweco inks combine rich color with excellent technical characteristics, making it a highly reliable and pleasant choice for use with fountain pens. Each color is perfectly fluid, with a controlled but generous flow through the nib. Unlike thinner inks, Kaweco ink makes small nibs feel smoother against the page.


Kaweco inks are water-soluble, allowing you to create blending effects and gradients with a wet brush. That makes it an ideal choice for quick, one-color sketches with just a pen and a travel brush. That technique has become extremely popular with the urban sketching community, many of whom choose Kaweco for their work.


This 50 mL bottle contains Midnight Blue, Kaweco's take on the classic blue-black fountain pen ink. It's deep and dark, evoking the sky at dusk.

Packaged in a square glass bottle with a metal cap and protected by a cardboard box with an octagonal die-cut that shows the ink color.

Kaweco Midnight Blue

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