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Platinum’s Japanese artisans looked to the heavens for inspiration when creating the Galaxy Starlight 3776 Century fountain pen.


The stunning craftsmanship and irresistible glitter effect on the Galaxy Starlight pen beautifully captures the stars in the night sky. Using traditional Maki-e techniques, the artist sprinkles “ao-gai” (blue abalone shells) over the resin pen body, then applies multiple layers of clear lacquer. The delightful 18K gold nib is a perfect combination of technical genius and vintage design. Being part of the 3776 Century line, the Galaxy Starlight’s cap features Platinum’s patented ‘slip and seal’ mechanism to prevent the nib and feed from drying out for up to two years.


The 3776 Century Galaxy Starlight is available in Medium or Broad widths.


Includes cartridge and converter.

Platinum Irushi Raden Galaxy Starlight Fountain

Nib Size (line width)
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