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Have some fun with your writing and mix it up with this Calligraphy & Writing Set where you get one natural wood nib holder, 6 steel nibs for script and calligraphy.


For over 100 years Brause has been making nibs of excellent quality; manufactured with the perfect balance of flexibility and durability.


Whether it's for calligraphy and penmanship, or for use in scrapbooking, drawing, or journaling projects, the Brause Calligraphy & Writing Set is a practical set for anyone interested in calligraphy. The 6 steel nibs included are: 1 Cito Fein, 1 Steno, 1 Bfannen, & 3 Banzug (1 /2 /3 mm).


  • 1 Natural Wood Nib Holder
  • 6 Steel Nibs: 1 Cito Fein, 1 Steno, 1 Bfannen, & 3 Banzug (1 /2 /3 mm)


Made In - Germany

Intro Calligraphy & Writing Set

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