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The pleasure of writing and drawing with a classic pencil depends a good deal on it being well sharpened. But where is the best place to keep a sharpener so that it is always to hand? The Perfect Pencil provides a simple but elegant answer: just where it is needed, on the pencil itself, built into the protective cap that also serves to extend the pencil in use. With the replaceable eraser under the end cap, you have everything together in an ideally compact form and always ready for use: for writing, correcting, and sharpening.


Comes in beautiful crafted wood presentation box for your desktop.  



The Black Edition guarantees a dynamic interplay of lustre and colour: The cap has a PVD coating made of titanium, which makes the surface change colour elegantly from light to dark depending on the lighting conditions.

Graf Von Faber Castell Perfect Pencil Black Titanium

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