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To celebrate the Gold Rush’s place in American history and honor Esterbrook’s own history, the Esterbrook Estie has been reimagined in two limited edition gilded colors, beginning with the release of the Prospector Black and the Purple Dreamer. As Richard Esterbrook was setting up shop on the east coast in 1858, one of the most significant events to shape American history was just coming to a close. The Gold Rushbrought 300,000 people from around the world to California, making San Francisco the  metropolis of the new frontier. Discovery of gold nuggets in the Sacramento Valley ten years earlier stoked the American dream, causing one of the first major goldrushes since the time of the Roman Empire.  


Made using an exclusive Diamondcast material, the rich colors of the landscape are layered and blended to catch the light and offer the depth of color that Diamondcast is known for. 


Available in Oversize fountain, traditional fountain size and rollerball. All trim and appointments are gold plated and standard nib sizes apply, including EF, Fine, Medium, Broad and in 1.1 Stub.


Nib Material: Steel, Gold

Filling Mechanism: Cartridge, Converter

Esterbrook Estie Gold Rush Prospector Black Fountain

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