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Some bonbons beg to be taken seriously and our newest Estie is just such a confection.


Introducing the limited edition and most special of sweets, the Esterbrook Estie Candy.


Candy was concocted in our kitchens (okay, we don’t really have kitchens, but you get the point,) using an extraordinary hand-blended Diamondcast blank made by McKenzie Penworks. 

What makes this material so different from the rest? A scientific treasure 200 years in the making.  


That blue you see is no ordinary blue, but YInMn Blue, a 2009 discovery that made history for being the first natural blue found in over two centuries. We love it because of its glorious vibrancy. The world loves it because it’s a true blue, from the earth, and isn’t toxic. Not poisonous and gorgeous, it doesn’t get much better than that. It’s become so popular that the demand exceeds its availability (this is a rare pigment, indeed,) but we have a bit and now you can, too.

And if that wasn’t enough, for your next party trick, this pen glows under black light.


The neon pink in the material is truly neon!  


Filling System: Standard International Cartridge / Converter (Included) 

Nib: Steel

Esterbrook Estie Candy Special Edition Fountain Pen

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