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To celebrate St. Valentine’s Day 2024, Benu is excited to launch the “Benu Euphoria Love’s Little Lark” fountain pen. Produced in a limited quantity of only 300 pens, it features a romantic color combination of Robin’s Egg Blue and hot pink. The pen is decorated with hand-painted cupids and a multitude of hearts. Each pen also boasts a unique serial number, hand-painted onto its barrel.


This pen is limited to 300 individually numbered pieces worldwide, each with a unique serial number hand-painted on the pen’s barrel.


The Benu Pen company is a small Armenian company. Benu makes handmade writing instruments in streamlined shapes in vibrant color combinations. The name Benu comes from the ancient Egyptian deity linked with the sun, creation and rebirth. Benu is a symbol of constant changes, recurrence and renovations.

Benu Euphoria Love's Little Lark LE Fountain Pen

Nib Size (line width)
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