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Fill your pens on the go with ease with this Visconti Traveling Inkwell (also commonly called the Traveling Ink Pot). You can carry 5.5ml of ink with you inside this durable resin inkwell for refilling a wide variety of pen sizes and filling mechanisms, cleanly and with a full filling every time. It holds enough ink to get you 5.5 fillings of a LAMY Safari, or 3.5 fillings of a Visconti Homo Sapiens (full size) or Mont Blanc 149.

We've tested a variety of pens and found that anything with a grip that has a diameter at the end from around 9.2mm-13.2mm will fit in this inkwell. That means anything from a Pilot Metropolitan on up to a Mont Blanc 149.

You can use just about any filling mechanism in this inkwell, too. Converter, piston, crescent, aerometric, lever, vacuum/power filler, you name it. The best part is, you get a full filling every time, no matter which filling mechanism you're using.

Here's how you prepare the Visconti Traveling Inkwell:

1. Remove the Inkwell cap by pulling straight out; it's friction-fit.
2. Fill the Inkwell with your desired ink up to the marked line using the supplied eyedropper, an ink syringe, or any other similar device.
3. Push the cap back into place and transport as needed.

Here's how you use the Visconti Traveling Inkwell to fill your pen:

1. With the Inkwell standing straight up, uncap it by pulling the cap straight out (it's friction fit).
2. Insert the nib and grip of your pen into the Inkwell until it's firmly seated in place.
3. Turn the pen and Inkwell upside down together, slowly, ensuring it isn't going to leak. Your nib should end up pointing towards the sky and completely submerged in ink.
4. Fill your pen as is required by its filling mechanism, a couple of times to ensure all air bubbles have been worked out and you have a maximum fill.
5. Flip both the pen and Inkwell back over, so the pen is now on top and the Inkwell is below it.
6. Pull out your pen and cap the Inkwell by pressing the cap into it firmly.
7. Wipe off the grip of your pen using the supplied ink wick or a paper towel.

Note: The Visconti Traveling Inkwell no longer comes packaged in a Visconti clamshell pen case. The Inkwell now is packaged in a narrow box.

Visconti Traveling Inkwell

$95.00 Regular Price
$85.50Sale Price
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