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Very Limited Supply on it's way to us now.  These will go fast.  (And not just because they are stealth aircraft!).    


Quite possibly, the last collectible from Retro 1951, since the company's future is a bit uncertain right now.  We are limiting these to just one per customer.


So, try to intercept this new Tornado Popper because it will go fast. Only 951 rollerballs have been created with the stealthy appearance that is designed after the XXXXXXX reconnaissance aircraft originally built in XXXX and used by XXXXXXXX until XXXX.  The barrel has been acid-etched with details from the XXXXXXXX and lacquered in a matte black and printed details. Each one is packaged in a commemorative tube to keep safe when it's not recording. 

Retro 1951 Under The Radar

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