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Choose from Brilliant White OR Lilac.


About the Waldmann Tango Fountain Pen:


Pen enthusiasts love the Waldmann Tango Imagination fountain pen. The new release combines the elegant Tango fountain pen design with Waldmann's new and exciting Imagination finish.

Waldmann's new Imagination finish is created by first engraving the sterling silver body and cap of the pen, then following the engraving with an application of colored lacquer. After the lacquer application, Waldmann craftsmen shave down the lacquer to truly showcase the intricate engraving. The Imagination finish is completed with an application of clear lacquer to protect the pen's finished design. The technique creates a gorgeous finish; particularly when light hitting the pen makes the engravings appear to dance across the pen's body.

The inspiration behind the Waldmann Tango is the world's most expressive dance, the Tango. So it's only natural that this particular pen design is both spirited and sensual. Each Waldmann Tango Imagination fountain pen is made with a 925 solid sterling silver chassis and a steel tension clip. Pens are also fitted with a stainless steel nib and platinum plated components. Each Waldmann Tango Imagination fountain pen includes an engraved converter for use with bottled fountain pen inks.



Waldmann Tango Imagination Fountain Pen

$400.00 Regular Price
$280.00Sale Price
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