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The Visconti Midnight in Florence is the latest limited edition demonstrator collection for 2019, with 888 pieces crafted for the entire world.

Visconti’s demonstrator writing instruments are based on the iconic shape of the Homo Sapiens collection. The cap of the Midnight in Florence is made out from a solid block of specific resin, crafted to fit the high-quality standards of Visconti both in strength and color. The core of this collection is seen within the body.

The Midnight in Florence was inspired by the ancient city of Florence, Italy. When darkness falls across the ancient Italian city, it reveals aspects of its beauty not shown in daylight. The edges and corners of streets and buildings are shaded with tones of dark gray, blue and purple. These beautiful colors are displayed on the pen’s demonstrator body.

The pen is equipped with Visconti’s famous double reservoir filling system and the iconic 23kt Palladium nib available in EF, F, M, B and Stub widths. The 23kt Palladium nib is an excellent candidate for customization with a custom grind or just simply tuned and adjusted to your exact preferences – included at no additional charge.

Visconti Sapiens Midnight In Florence Limited Edition

$1,195.00 Regular Price
$1,015.75Sale Price
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