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Visconti is once again inspired by the inexhaustible resources of nature: the Homo Sapiens Lotus Garden collection evokes the magic and mystery of the lotus flower, in a beautiful limited edition of 888 pieces.


The Lotus Flower

The lotus flower is recognized by many cultures as a symbol of strength, purity and rebirth. Its spiritual meaning comes to mind as we envisage this beautiful flower, submerged every night in river water, miraculously re-blooming the next morning sparklingly clean. The power of creation is in its DNA, just as it is in ours: Homo Sapiens, the Wise Human.


“The soul does not proceed in a straight line, nor does it grow like a reed. The soul unfolds, like a lotus flower with innumerable petals.”

Khalil Gibran


Homo Sapiens Lotus Garden

For the return of our iconic Homo Sapiens, we have imagined the colors of the lotus garden, the fascinating environment which is home to the delicate flowers of the aquatic plant Nelumbo. Swirls of lilac, green and white resin combine throughout the pen, accentuated by black trim, which recalls the flower’s reflection in dark pond water, adding to its mystery. Each element harmonizes perfectly, creating an elegant and modern collection that invites you to get close to nature and enjoy its incredible power.


Double-Reservoir Power Filler

A vacuum filling system that is easy to use and has considerable benefits. Patented in 1998, this is arguably the most advanced filling system ever developed in fountain pen history. The user is able to fill the pen with the equivalent of 10 cartridges of ink, and thanks to the two reservoirs, prevents ink from leaking during air travel.



Hook Safe Lock

This revolutionary closing system is very satisfying to operate and was created to lock the pen body into the cap to prevent the possibility of the pen accidentally unscrewing and leaking inside a pocket or bag.


Limited Edition Box

Available as a fountain pen or rollerball, the collection is limited to 888 pieces. The Lotus Garden is truly a spectacular pen that comes in a beautifully crafted, pearly white limited edition box with black accents.

Visconti Homo Sapiens Lotus Garden Fountain LE

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