Visconti introduces its new 14k solid gold in-house nib with the Homo Sapiens Lava Color series, seen here in the fiery red Inferno version. Catalyzed basaltic lava from Mt. Edna is treated with a stain-resistant finish to create the unique texture and appearance of the pen body.


The Lava Color Collection is made from Visconti's well-known and highly valued material, lava rock. The Lava Color collection is the perfect union of catalyzed Mount Etna basaltic lava and colored resin using Visconti's patented methods. This new edition also has an anti-stain treatment that protects the pen and prevents ink from depositing on the pen during refilling.

Unlike the classic Homo Sapiens Lava series, the Lava Color collection features an exclusive magnetic lock closing system which makes opening and closing effortless on the fountain pen and rollerball editions. The fountain pen features Visconti's patented power filling system and Visconti's first ever, in-house crafted 14kt oversized black ruthenium nib and is available in EF, F, M, B, and Stub. The collection is also available in rollerball and ballpoint.

Filling System: Power Filler

Nib: 14kt Gold


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Visconti Homo Sapiens Color Lava Inferno Fountain

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