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More than five thousand years ago with the invention of writing the pre-history of the human kind ceases and Homo Sapiens marks the eve of human history. The same period discovers the metallurgy, thus allowing the civilization of metals to mark the beginning of human evolution all the way to the invention of the wheel. The first great civilizations arose on the Nile, Tigris and Euphrates river banks and soon led to the development of sciences like algebra, geometry, astronomy, engineering. Visconti conceived the Homo Sapiens writing instruments line for real writers, for those to whom the fountain pen continues to represent a travelling mate, a daily friend to share with the same civilization that writing contributed to create. The material in this pen is as antique and natural as the world: lava from the Etna volcano. in south Italy. Nevertheless, it has several characteristics that render it unique in the manufacturing of writing instruments. Visconti has successfully produced a material containing pure basaltic lava, catalysed together with resin in a formula – patented thus obviously kept secret -whose extraordinary characteristics practically transforms it into a material perfectly fit to writing instruments. Inspiration for all metallic trims was drawn from the Bronze Age, almost contemporary to the invention of writing.

Visconti lava compound is:

• Virtually unbreakable, with a high degree of resilience.
• Flameproof, with a resistance to heat of over 100°C.
• Slightly hygroscopic, allowing to absorb hand sweat during use.
• Dense at touch, allowing the best finger-relaxing grip or touch. • Unquestionably new, as materials employed in watch cases.

The clip, the rings and the metal accessories are all in bronze: Natural bronze like the antique formula, that does not require plating or protection treatments. Over the time, Natural bronze alters its original (almost pink) color. It can be easily polished with special cleaning pans The Lava material is a natural material; when daily used, the pen keeps its original dark grey color. If the pen is not used for a while or exposed to strong light it can become light grey. This is a certification of a real bio material. To regenerate the material, it is simple: just treat the pen with a common moisturizer.

Visconti Homo Sapiens Bronze Age Ballpoint

$550.00 Regular Price
$495.00Sale Price
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