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Homo Sapiens collection is available also in a version in black acrylic resin. The pen was designed under the rules of the Leonardo da Vinci Divine Proportion. With the modern era in mind Visconti has taken inspiration for its Elegance Collection. Visconti has chosen to make the Homo Sapiens Elegance most suitable for daily use through a black acrylic material, easy to use, easy to refill but keeping an intrinsic elegance.

The shape is the one of the successful Homo Sapiens design, but with a unique bright black acrylic resin. The reflection of lights and its particular shape highlight the splendor of this fine accessory. All the metal trims are in plated Palladium. The mix of these two modern materials helps the pen to reach picks of magnificence. The fountain pen features the Visconti 23kts/950 Palladium nib. The pen is provided with the Visconti patented "Hook safe" lock system, which allows the user to close the pen by rotating it by only 20°, thus making it absolutely impossible to open the cap by chance.

Visconti Homo Sapiens Acrylic Elegance Rollerball

$345.00 Regular Price
$310.50Sale Price
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