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Making Waves of Change with Retro51's Latest Sea Turtle Ballpoint! ðŸŒŠðŸ¢


Floating into your life is the new Turtle Rescue from Retro51. Saving sea turtles with style, this Tornado™ features an acid-etched sea turtle shell pattern, beautifully lacquered in a vibrant sea turquoise color. The texture of the shell in hand combined with the Easy Flow ballpoint makes for a fluid writing experience. With each Turtle Rescue sold, a donation is made to the Sea Turtle Conservancyto help protect these endangered reptiles, the environment they depend on, plus educating the public.

Each Tornado comes packaged in a matching tube that doubles as a pen stand or carrying case. A sticker comes with each one, with two sticker options available. *Swim with the Turtles today with this new Rescue pen!*

*No snorkel or scuba gear required.

Retro 51 Turtle Rescue Ballpoint

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