The Retro 51 Yoga Edition: Chakra Tornado twist-action ballpoint pen features a metal barrel with a lacquered finish that displays the Wheels of Energy with various Chakra Yoga poses and symbols printed along the barrel in a wide array of colors. You can charge the Chakra Tornado rollerball pen under a light for a few minutes and it will glow in the dark. Each of the Seven Chakras has a color starting from Red at the tip, and moving up the barrel to Orange, Yellow, Green, Light Blue, Navy Blue and ending with Purple at the cap, where you’ll find the snug, yet springy pen clip. The Tornado ballpoint has shiny Chrome accents and the phrase “Tornado by Retro 51” engraved around the top metal band in a tornado-esque font.

Retro 1951 Yoga Edition Chakra


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