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The Retro 51 Classic Lacquer Kiwi Tornado rollerball pen features a metallic Kiwi Green lacquer finish over a Stainless Steel barrel with highly polished Chrome trim. The smooth barrel slowly tapers towards the tip from a knurled top cap, which has an inset that matches the color of the barrel. The rollerball pen has a snug, yet springy pen clip. “Tornado by Retro 51” is engraved around the top metal band in a tornado-esque font. Twist the knurled metal top cap to reveal the rollerball pen tip. The Retro 51 Tornado comes with a Retro 51 Black rollerball ink cartridge, but is compatible with Easy Flow 9000 rollerball ink cartridges and any Parker-style ballpoint refill if you want to turn your Tornado into a ballpoint pen. The Retro 51 Tornado rollerball is packaged in a cushioned graphic tube that doubles as a pen stand.


Tube/Containers vary, but all are cool.

Retro 1951 Classic Kiwi Rollerball

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