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Platinum presents the Ascending Dragon, second in the premium Kanazawa-Haku fountain pen series. It features dragons amongst clouds, inspired by the Unryu-zu folding screens by Tawaraya Sōtatsu.

The Kanazawa-Haku series, features meticulously applied “Momi Chirashi,” Japan’s traditional technique that has been used on folding screens and fusuma (Japanese sliding doors) since ancient times. Thin square sheets of gold leaf are torn into smaller pieces then pasted down, one-by-one, by hand, to create a sense of unlimited depth, giving an elegant glow to each one-of-a-kind pen body. The Kanazawa-Haku is equipped with Platinum's airtight Slip & Seal Mechanism that prevents ink from drying out in the pen.

The Ascending Dragon sports a 14K gold nib and arrives in a beautiful wooden box with a velvet interior.

Platinum Kanazawa Haku - Ascending Dragon

$550.00 Regular Price
$467.50Sale Price
Nib Size (line width)
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