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The timeless art of maki-e has for centuries brought to life the intricate depth of Japanese history and culture. Using layer upon layer of urushi lacquer, gold dust powder, and meticulously cut pearl inlay, maki-e art can range from the spartan and simple to the lushly ornate. Platinum Pen features maki-e from renowned and respected maki-e artists, many of whom have been developing their skills over a lifetime of experience. Each of their maki-e pieces is crafted by hand, with the artist requiring hour upon hour to bring every aspect of the design to vibrant life. They offer pieces from the simple to the sublime in design, but with each, the execution speaks of their artist’s dedication to their craft. The Maki-e Collection writing instruments are available as cartridge converter fountain pens.


A sacred ritual known as Dai-Sengu to restore the roof of the main hall in Izumo Taisha (“Izumo Grand Shrine”) was conducted for the first time in 60 years in May 2013.  Restoring the main hall has special significance for the gods enshrined there and was the biggest job and most important ritual around the Izumo area.

A limited number of special fountain pens were made in commemoration of the shrine’s biggest ritual, which is dedicated to the gods believed to have created the origins of Japan’s history. Izumo-no-kuni (Izumo Province) is a production area for Japanese paper, making it extremely profound when it comes to writing.

Shunichi Nakata, founder of Platinum Pen, christened the new brand name of “Izumo” in 2010 with the cooperation of officials from Izumo City in Shimane Prefecture to acknowledge the birthplace of the company as Shimane in Izumo-no-kuni.


The brand has also been designated as one of the “Izumo brands” recognized by Izumo City.  The name Byakudan, ocean of the clouds, has been given to the fourth fountain pen to come out of the Izumo series.

Platinum Izumo Urushi Byakudan

$1,500.00 Regular Price
$1,275.00Sale Price
Nib Size (line width)
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