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Aizu maki-e, a traditional craft originating from the castle town of Aizu, has one of the longest histories in Japan, dating back 400 years. It is well known for its expertly polished bold designs with gradated colors.

This Aurora edition features lively raden (inlayed sea shells) designs to represent the Aurora. Three kinds of gold powder called nashijiko are sprinkled on the body and the cap, followed by painting maki-e designs and burnishing until the rich colors and luster are achieved.


The Platinum Izumo Aurora sports an 18K gold nib and arrives in a wooden box with a pen kimono and bottle of ink.


Let us know if you'd like a nib size other than the Fine shown here.   We can usually accomodate.


Please note that this pen cannot be returned once handled and/or inked.  


Platinum Izumo Aurora Raden Maki-e Fountain

$5,000.00 Regular Price
$4,000.00Sale Price
Nib Size (line width): Fine
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