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Platinum has been manufacturing exceptional writing instruments since 1919, bringing beautiful Japanese tradition and quality into your hands for over 90 years! The Celluloid Ballpoint Pen is part of Platinum's popular 3776 mid-size model rendered in amazing colors of rich cured celluloid: Koi, Calico, Cherry Blossom, Tortoise and Jade.

The Celluloid retractable ballpoint pen is made with celluloid - a traditional material for pen making, one that offers unparalleled depth, feel and color. The material requires a painstaking process to create, followed by an extended curing period to ensure its stability. Platinum's celluloid is prepared to exact specifications to give you a perfect finish for your pens.

Tortoise offers a classic look in deep burnished browns reminiscent of natural tortoise shell.

Platinum Celluloid Tortoise w/Gold Trim Ballpoint

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