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The body of this Platinum #3776 Century Oshino fountain pen, which is transparent like clear waters, matches perfectly with any ink color. It comes with a Platinum ink cartridge and a converter for use with bottled ink, and it features a rhodium-plated 14k gold nib.

Launched in 2011 as the first edition of the Fuji Five Lake series, "Motosu", with its completely transparent body, has drawn a great attention. Seven years since its launch, Platinum is now introducing "Oshino", which has a clear body of a higher level of transparency. Created by pursuing a transparency like clear waters, this new fountain pen has been named after Oshino Hakkai, which is a famous destination for the beautiful springs sourced from the underground water of Mount Fuji. Platinum is proud to add this product to their #3776 Century series that bears the height of Mount Fuji in its name.

Platinum 3776 Oshino Limited

$340.00 Regular Price
$289.00Sale Price
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