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Pilot Custom Heritage SE in stunning color, Marble Green!


The stunning and vibrant marble-colored resin body extends sophistication to your writing style. Every single Pilot Custom Heritage SE pen is one-of-a-kind because no two-marbling pattern are the same.

The Custom Heritage SE fountain pen is smooth writing with a finely crafted 14 karat gold, #5, rhodium plated nib, available in a Fine or Medium nib size. Designed to delight the fountain pen collector, the pen’s exceptional body is enhanced with lustrous rhodium accents.


This classical fountain pen is refillable for continued use with a cartridge or Pilot’s CON-70 converter and arrives packaged in a striking presentation box.

Pilot Custom Heritage SE Green Marble Fountain

$420.00 Regular Price
$378.00Sale Price
Nib Size (line width)
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