The Parker 51 is as groundbreaking today as it was when it first launched in 1941.


This unique writing instrument is inspired by the pen once hailed as the 'world's most wanted' - retaining its distinctive streamlined silhouette and iconic hooded nib; yet is made for the future - this pen is hand assembled and made from durable precious resin, benefitting from Parker's expertise and reputation for superior craftsmanship.


From conception to assembly, the attention to detail is second to none.  The cap is decorated with a complementary metallic jewel and each finish is inspired by heritage colors of the past, a tribute to the original Parker 51 range.  Inspired by the past. Made for the future.


Filling System: Cartridge / Converter (Included)

Nib: 18kt Gold

Parker 51 New 2021 Plum Fountain 18 kt

$310.00 Regular Price
$248.00Sale Price
Nib Size (line width)