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Noodler's Inks are an extraordinary line of drawing inks that are designed for use specifically with a fountain pen, but are also ideal for dip pens and brushes. Noodler's wide range of unique colors with distinctive names and labels perform well even on more absorbent papers that would normally feather with a fountain pen. Each color has special properties unique to Noodler that will give your writing, hand lettering, drawing, and ink washes characteristics as remarkable as these inks.

Owner Nathan Tardiff makes all of his inks by hand using locally sourced materials when possible, and he intentionally keeps the price as low as possible in order to make them widely accessible. His strongly held political beliefs influence not only the names of his inks, but also his business practices.

All Noodler's Inks and packaging are proudly made in the USA, and the boxes are made of recycled paper. 3 oz. bottle.

#41 Brown - This is a deep sepia ink with hints of golden highlights, named for former Senator Scott Brown of Massachusetts.

Noodler's Brown #41 Bottled Ink 3oz

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