Inspired by the sweeping beauty of this iconic mountain range, Monteverde USA’s designers have manufactured a splendid new collection called The Black Mountain Pen.


The Black Mountains make their way across the stunning landscapes of western North Carolina, and are the highest mountains in the Eastern USA. Named after the breathtaking spruce and fir trees that darken the scenery, the mountains are a prime example of the elegance of nature. Varieties of wildlife thrive throughout the region, from bears and trout to otters and falcons, creating a thriving ecosystem.


Black gunmetal accents bring dimension to the classic uniform look, with a stark black nib on the fountain pen option, and fine black resin to tie the style together. This pen is the perfect staple for any professional, and can complement an array of front pocket shades with its effortless sophistication.

Monteverde Black Mountain Tribute Ballpoint Pen

$65.00 Regular Price
$58.50Sale Price