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In stock now!  Limited supply.


The writing instruments in the LAMY scala family have always possessed a fascinating formal simplicity and austerity. The LAMY scala infinite orange fountain pen enhances this special series with its equally exclusive and outgoing appearance.


This strictly limited special edition represents a stylish and confident interpretation of the modern, emotional fountain pen. The LAMY scala infinite orange fountain pen is available in an exclusive set limited to 1,350 pieces globally, and only 25 of them here in the United States.


Each individual writing instrument has its limited-edition number etched into its clip.

The set includes:

• Converter LAMY Z27

• Ink bottle LAMY T53 infinite orange

• LAMY T10 blue-black 5 pack

• LAMY T10 black 5 pack

Filling System: Cartridge / Converter (Included)

Lamy Scala Infinite Orange Special Edition Fountain Pen

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