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The design classic LAMY safari in fresh, radiant pastel colours: the gloss finish works beautifully with this Special Edition colour spectrum in springgreen, aquasky and lightrose, exuding lightness and pure joie de vivre. Writing with an instrument in energetic 'springgreen', the colour the same power and strength of nature coming back to life after winter. A writing instrument in 'aquasky' carries our thoughts into the vastness of a brilliant blue sky and has us floating among the clouds. With the warm pink tone 'lightrose' ideas bloom like spring blossoms on the tree.


Made of sturdy ABS plastic. Shiny surface. Easy to handle thanks to striking recessed grips. 


Ballpoint pen with LAMY large capacity refill M 16 black M.

Lamy Safari Spring Green Special Edition 2023 Ballpoint Pen

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