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LAMY Ideos is a new product family designed by EOOS which innovatively interprets LAMY's design principles. The extraordinary LAMY Ideos offers its users a unique haptic writing experience.

Combining the basic forms of triangle and circle creates a surprising yet natural, stylized teardrop shape. The characteristic teardrop shape of the housing is dynamically transformed through the grip into a circular ending. The freeform grips feature contrasting chrome finishing.

The unconventionally curved contour of the nib lends an expressive accent to the composition’s overall harmony. This polished stainless steel nib ensures a remarkable and pleasantly soft writing feel.

The massive, spring-loaded clip is made of polished stainless steel and is functionally integrated into the housing’s basic geometry while gently sloping to the side at a 45° angle.

The robust brass housings are refined with a high-quality palladium finish.

This fountain pen comes with a blue LAMY ink cartridge and a Z27 converter for use with bottled ink so you can get started writing right away.


Note: To ensure quality performance, LAMY tests their pens as a final step in manufacturing. If you happen to see any residual blue ink, rest assured that this is normal.

Lamy Ideos Fountain Pen - Palladium

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