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The barrels of these new and colorful Writing Instruments are made from especially hard wearing materials. They have a special guilloche pattern engraved on them that is normally reserved for jewelry or silver accessories. Manual polishing and special lacquering processes provide the special optical effect. All metal parts are finished in high quality rhodium plating. The Guilloche range of Writing Instruments are available as fountain pens, rollerball, ballpoint, or propelling pencil. Beautiful colors are available in each, such as black, indigo, coral, cognac, or rhodium finished metal. The Guilloche handcrafting process creates more than just an interesting surface structure; it creates a Writing Implement that stands through its quality and uniqueness. The fountain pen is equipped with a practical cartridge convertor system and a handmade 18k gold nib with an iridium point. The rollerball pen features a precision ball that glides smoothly on the paper. The pencil uses a 0.7mm lead of grade B with a reservoir for spare leads. Under the removable cap, you will find a non-smudge white eraser of the highest quality for no-mark-left erasing. The Guilloche Line comes in an elegant gift box with a magnetic catch, and each pen is presented in a linen bag. The Black Chevron Guilloche Collection shows a filigree herring bone engraving pattern. The word Chevron refers to the French word indicting a “V” shape or “zig-zag” pattern. After engraving, the surface has been painstakingly polished to a high gloss giving the Guilloche Chevron an exciting shiver that takes on the new character depending on the angle of the light.

Graf Von Faber Castell Guilloche Turquoise

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