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The Italians have a saying - la dolce vita. It's a way of living, appreciating the finer things in life and making it as sweet as can be. We tend to agree that the best days are ones filled with pleasure and the best pens we make represent that same philosophy. That's why we're happy to introduce our latest Estie, Cosmic Wine.


This release is the fourth in our Sparkle edition, following Tanzanite, Montana Sapphire and Garnet red. Like the others Cosmic Wine is limited to Oversize FP. Made with DiamondCast, this pen is an elegant representation of long walks in the vineyard and picnics in the Summer. A deep burgundy body sparkles against the gold trim, giving this pen a luxurious feel while still being a pen you want to use every day. It has a cushion cap closure. It can be inked with either standard international cartridge or converter (both included) and is equipped with the respected #6 JOWO German steel nib.


The Cosmic Wine is limited to 500 pens worldwide, not individually numbered. Each pen comes with one set of three wine charmed clips, washi tape, and a bag. 


As Esterbrook is committed to collaborations with US makers, for this limited edition Estie, they partnered with Tim McKenzie of McKenzie Penworks in Charlotte, NC.

Wanting to separate himself by making his product unique, Tim did what any innovative, forward-thinking, self-proclaimed science fair geek would do: he added diamonds to the mix! For real. Taking advice and knowledge from his mother, a GIA certified gemologist and his own research, Tim figured out the precise size diamond dust particles needed to allow his pen material to be machined effectively without losing the intense sparkle of the gems. The result is the patent pending Diamondcast. This material shines from within, catches the light, shimmers with each move of the hand across the page and has made a big impression on the pen world.

Esterbrook Cosmic Wine Special Edition Fountain OS

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